Usually when you see something wrong, you question it; that’s what I want my readers to do. Not your average crow, Jim Crow pushes and then kicks the envelope. I use the name Jim Crow in a satirical sense, because good comedy is honest. My goal in the comic series is to not only inform readers, but entertain them. The Jim Crow comic series reacts to the overall segregations we face due to the hate, differences, and similarities that perpetuate various modern day stereotypes. Oftentimes, current events are incorporated into Jim’s universe, because relatability is important when telling a joke. It is my belief that being astute to racial injustice is not enough to combat its continued existence, nor is division due to ignorance and fear. It is my hope that what were once laws to keep us apart can now be used as reactive patterns to unify and create progressive dialogue.

Jim Crow Comics was initially inspired by a duality of the American narrative: the  Jim Crow Laws of 1877, and the Harlem Renaissance of the early twentieth century. The audacity of the former coupled with the opportunity the latter afforded African Americans to cultivate and embrace Black culture, has served as a powerful medium to address current issues. Through the comic’s evolution, I’ve used the influences of pop art to grab the viewers’ eye, while making a parody of the nuances of race and culture. Mixing current sequential storytelling with the comedic tones of some of the most successful Black comedians (i.e. Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle), I’ve created a comic that is enjoyable, but seeks to educate the 88% of millennials that engage in some form of social media daily.